How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

There are few better feelings out there than walking out of a job interview that’s gone great. You’ve done your homework, made a great first impression, asked useful and insightful questions, and overall, got a good feeling: so much so that you’re already envisioning yourself in the new position.


But as good as it feels, the job’s not in the bag yet. There are still a few steps you need to take to follow up and seal the deal.

Have a Small Celebration

Interviews are a big deal! Treat yourself after a successful one, whether that means taking the time to see a movie you’ve been wanting to see, getting your nails done, or buying yourself some ice cream.

Take Notes

On the same day as your interview, while everything is still fresh, take notes about everything that was going through your head before, during, and after. Do you have any follow-up questions that didn’t come up during the interview? What were some important topics you discussed with your interviewer that you can mention when you send your thank-you’s? And how did the interview and potential opportunity make you feel?

Write Your Thank-You’s

There’s no reason to delay: write your thank-you’s and drop them in the mail the very next day. While there’s nothing wrong with a thank-you email, take the extra step to write a handwritten note. In a world of quick and easy communication, taking the time to write a note by hand makes an impression.

Remember to Follow-Up

You don’t want to be over-eager or a nuisance, but you absolutely want to follow up. It’s surprising, but this step is where you’ll set yourself apart from a lot of your competition because far too many job applicants fail to follow up. Be proactive, and one week after your interview, follow up with your interviewer in a polite and concise, yet confident email.


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